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PDO After Glo and Hydraneedle

We have an exciting, new service to offer at Rae Anne!! PDO After Glo is a collagen builder that it made out of the same substance as surgical suture. Why would you want suture on your skin? Suture is used to aid in healing such as when you have a surgical incision.

Part of the healing process is to produce collagen! Collagen production aids in the anti aging process. As we age we form less and less collagen and our skin loses its structure and becomes loose and wrinkly.

How does the Hydraneedle help this process? By making small channels in your skin so the PDO After Glo will penetrate deeper and produce collagen for healing.

The process is very simple and quick and is ideal to get right before a big event. Why get this? The healing process is quick and the glow up is amazing!!

PDO After Glo can also be used as an add on service after skinpen with PRP or Pixel 8.

PDO with Hydraneedle is $400 or $250 when added on to a different service.

Discover your own GLOW!!!

How do you achieve this glow? Book an appointment with us today.

You can choose Microneedling, Pixel8 or PDO Afterglo Hydraneedle depending on how you would like to use your PDO.

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